Public Services

As an unincorporated community we are reliant on the professionals at the Greenville County Sheriff's Office. To learn more about the Greenville County Sheriff's Office please check out the official website.

GCSO Website  | Facebook

Slater-Marietta Fire Department

Slater-Marietta Fire Department is a special purpose district created by the South Carolina General Assembly.

SMFD Website 

River Falls Fire Department

Organized in 1984, River Falls Fire Department is a special tax district established and administered by Greenville County to provide fire protection in Greenville County's mountainous north.

River Falls FD Facebook

Greenville County

As an unincorporated community, most local government services are provided directly by the county. Please check out their website for more information regarding codes, planning and development, and other services.

Greenville County Website | Facebook

Water & Sewer

**Locations mentioned below are for general reference, and are not guaranteed. Please contact the below providers for further information or specific services.** 

Water Service

Marietta proper is serviced by the Marietta Water District. Please contact Marietta Water for more information. 

Marietta Water District Website 

Areas outside of Marietta proper including Slater mill village, outer Marietta, and areas along US 276 near Northwest Middle School are served by Greenville Water System. Please contact Greenville Water for more information.

Greenville Water System Website | Facebook

If you live outside of the service areas of Marietta and Greenville Water, you will need to look into a residential well. Please check South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control's website for more information.

SCDHEC-Residential Wells

Sewer Service

Sewer is provided throughout most of Slater-Marietta proper and areas along US 276 south of town. Metropolitian Sewer Sub-District maintains the sewer collection lines, while ReWa (Renewable Water Resources) operates wastewater treatment facilities in Greenville County. Please contact Metro and ReWa for more information.

Metro Sewer Sub-district Website | Facebook

ReWa Website | Facebook

If you live outside of the sewer service area, you will need to look into septic for your waste water needs.

SCDHEC- Septic Tanks